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    Greek style specialities from natural to sweet and even savoury!
    Fantastikkakis tastikkis!

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ALEXIOS – Welcome to Greece

Treats that make you yearn for far-away places!



Dip into the ALEXIOS world of Greek taste. For breakfast, lunch, dinner or a barbecue: Our ALEXIOS products range from sweet to savoury and are perfect for every occasion. All our products are made the Greek way. They’re sure to bring back memories of your last holiday!

Treat your taste buds to holiday memories – try the Greek specialities of ALEXIOS.


Fantastikkakis tastikkis!





Our smooth cream yoghurts are here!
Simply divine!
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Creamy tzatziki with yoghurt,
cucumbers and garlic!

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Holiday Feeling

Bring the taste
of vacation home!
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  • Absolutely Greek and utterly delicious!

    Let sugar caramelize, give the chopped nuts to it and stir briefly. Then spread on baking paper, allow to cool and break into small pieces. Fill in a glass alternately ALEXIOS cream yogurt, berries and nuts in layers. Decorate it with some berries and nuts. Enjoy the fresh treat on the balcony or in the garden. Also delicious with other fruits.


    Enjoy the holiday experience, enjoy your meal!


ALEXIOS natural cream yoghurt








ALEXIOS tzatziki!

The perfect match! Our tangy aromatic tzatziki made with fresh cream yoghurt is a must for barbecue get-togethers!

Bon appétit, or as the Greeks say: Kali orexi!


ALEXIOS savoury

Simply natural! – Cream yoghurt with 10% fat >>