ALEXIOS natural


ALEXIOS – Natural plain yoghurt


Our fine ALEXIOS cream yoghurt with 10% fat is excellent for conjuring up your own delicious desserts, e.g. classic Greek with honey, nuts or fruit. Enjoy this yoghurt with fresh strawberries, for example. It also goes well as an accompaniment to potatoes cooked in their skin, jacket potatoes or meat dishes. It is ideal for refining soups and used as a basis for tangy tzatziki or fresh dips. ALEXIOS cream yoghurt can be combined in all sorts of ways, but it can also be enjoyed on its own!



Fantastikkakis tastikkis!












1 kg cream yoghurt, completely natural!

This is how to get more: Practical large-size 1kg bucket with handle and resealable lid for easier portioning and fridge storage of smooth ALEXIOS cream yoghurt!


Fine, creamy taste!

ALEXIOS – Yoghurt with 2 % fat –

The ALEXIOS yoghurt in a 1kg pot, creamy with tasty nuts, honey or fresh fruits. Is also perfect for hearty and spicy tzaziki with fresh cucumbers and garlic.







500g ALEXIOS cream yoghurt

ALEXIOS fine cream yoghurt will soon also be available in a convenient 500g cup.


Enjoy your ALEXIOS!







200g ALEXIOS cream yoghurt also in small portions – now available!

ALEXIOS fine cream yoghurt is also available in a convenient 200g cup.


The little temptation!

ALEXIOS – Typically Greek!

Let ALEXIOS sweet or savoury products inspire you. Apart from our tangy tzatziki we also have tasty combination varieties in our sweet product range, such as cream yoghurt on a honey-orange layer – Let new ideas transport you to the realm of dreams.


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ALEXIOS connoisseur tips:

Do you like your cream yoghurt the original Greek way? Then simply add walnuts and honey – or enjoy your ALEXIOS yoghurt with fresh fruit!

You can also make your own tzatziki by adding freshly diced or grated cucumber and garlic to ALEXIOS cream yoghurt. Also ideal for giving your dishes a mouth-watering taste.

Kali orexi, as the Greeks say: Bon appétit!




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