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ALEXIOS – the sweet world of

our Greek friend!


Superior quality cream yoghurt with 10% fat and a bottom layer of delicious fruit and honey: Enjoy a 150g portion of this Greek culinary delight! Our cream yoghurts come in the varieties honey, walnut-honey, orange-honey and fig. A real treat for breakfast or as a dessert with midday or evening meals. Mix the cream yoghurt and fruit together or enjoy it layer by layer...


Fantastikkakis tastikkis!


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Cream yoghurt with figs

Figs, the fruit of the Greek gods, combined with smooth 10% cream yoghurt create a heavenly dessert delight. Try now!








Cream yoghurt on a layer of honey

Enjoy our ALEXIOS cream yoghurt with a layer of honey at the bottom. The traditional Greek way of serving yoghurt. Just dip your spoon in and enjoy!










Cream yoghurt on a layer of walnut and honey

For those who also like a nutty taste: There is now a walnut version of the traditional ALEXIOS honey variant. An unforgettable composition – sweet and nutty at the same time!





Cream yoghurt on a layer of orange and honey

ALEXIOS leaves nothing to be desired! Fans of Greece and all sun-loving gourmets will find their hearts beating faster at the taste of this fruity sweet variant with orange and honey.







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