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Get an overview of our wide assortment of products. Our high-quality products meet the requirements of consumers as well as fulfilling the needs of our business partners.

The freshness and variety of our products make them sure winners guaranteed to meet our customers’ requirements, whether they come in portioned 100 ml pots for consumers or 10 kg buckets for catering.




A brief presentation of some of our wholesale products




Fine food, American dressing

Item No.   Item   Best before date on delivery
3620 American dressing Sales unit: 5 litre bucket
the classic dressing - fresh tomato-taste, delicate                            
14 days


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 Fine food, Remoulade sauce

Item No.     


  Best before date on delivery
3429 Remoulade sauce Sales unit: 5 litre bucket
for all warm an cold meals or as spread   
28 days


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Dairy, Baked-potato-cream

Item No.         Item   Best before date on delivery
153 Baked-potato-creme Sales unit: 3 kg bucket - very tasty for potatoes, vegetables and more! Best ingredients from our dairy anf fine food, season to taste with salad mayonnaise. 72 bucket per pallet 14 days


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