Quark enjoyment!

    With Elsdorfer Fruit Pleasure Orange, Vanilla, Cherry and Strawberry.




    Tzaziki, wonderful to meat

    or for dipping

    Tastes like homemade.



    Fruity Quarkdessert

    Discover our 5 delicious fruit quark varieties:
    Strawberry, cherry, stracciatella, zabaglione & banana.



    Superbly creamy stirred herb quark

    As a spread, as a dip or for baked potatoes -

    our quark is always a hit!



    Fruit yoghurt for the whole family! 

    In the flavours strawberry, stracciatella, peach & passion fruit and vanilla.



Dairy and fine food classics from Elsdorf –

whether sweet or savoury, always the right choice



Our basic product line is called “Classic”.

It includes all Elsdorfer products notable for their optimised price/performance ratio. We use fresh milk and other quality ingredients to produce a wide range of sweet and savoury dairy products which offers something for everyone in terms of taste, quality and price.


From sweet yoghurt to fresh dressing, Elsdorfer products from the “Classic” line will satisfy your every desire.



Fresh Elsdorfer dressing

As a bottle or in single-portion cups

  in five delicious flavours!


The barbecue season likes it creamy

Tasty cream dips as a barbecue side dish

 Try some!

Quarky, fruity, chocolaty!

Elsdorfer fruit quark 200g

in five delicious varieties!


Now for something sweet – Click here for a 1 kg tub of mild yoghurt