Company history


Our company history –

it all began in 1909


The private company for marketing dairy products established by Elsdorf farmer Paul Reichert in 1907 is sold to 45 farmers in May 1909. They go on to establish the Elsdorf dairy cooperative.




The Elsdorf dairy cooperative is one of a few plants to voluntarily observe the official tuberculosis eradication procedure, which systematically tackles the bovine tuberculosis epidemic and aims to ensure the high quality of milk.








  • 1919

    The end of World War I is accompanied by economic hardship. The cost of livestock feed exceeds the price of butter, making butter production unprofitable. Inflation causes the amount paid for fat percentages to rise to an incredible 37 billion Deutschemarks in November 1923.


  • 1929

    The upturn in agriculture increases the supply of milk, making it necessary to extend buildings and purchase modern machinery and technical facilities.







  • 1939

    The new dairy plant at the Elsdorf site is planned and constructed. World War II causes extensive destruction of the dairy, but it is soon rebuilt.



    • 1978

      A trout farm is set up in addition to the milk processing plant. It continues operating until 1998, when extra space is needed for new filling equipment.


1986 First potato fritter production

Foundation of Elsdorfer Kartoffelverwertungsgesellschaft mbH

1987 Expansion of the product range

Production of fine food salads and raw vegetable salads, as well as fresh dressings and dips

1996 Milk powder and speciality products

Commissioning of a modern spray tower for milk powder production







  • 1997

    Elsdorfer Kartoffelverwertungs-

    gesellschaft mbH is renamed Elsdorfer Feinkost GmbH.


    • 2000

      The private limited company Elsdorfer Feinkost GmbH is converted into the public limited company Elsdorfer Feinkost Aktiengesellschaft. Integration of the Rotenburg dairy at the Elsdorf site with the production of soft ice cream, milkshakes, rice pudding and fruit desserts.





  • 2005

    The milk collection process is redesigned, facilitating the processing of 250 million kg of milk per year.


    • 2007

      The former cooperative is converted into the public limited company Heideblume Molkerei Elsdorf-Rotenburg AG. This move becomes necessary due to structural changes and increasing competition in the milk processing industry, requiring ever-increasing resources.









The 100th anniversary of the dairy at the Elsdorf site is marked bya major celebration for business partners, milk producers and employees. Over 100 years of keeping up with the times. A combination of inventiveness, ingenuity and constant monitoring of consumer patterns has enabled a traditional village creamery in Elsdorf to develop over the decades into a firmly established, modern efficient company.



  • 2010

    The decision is taken to build a modern logistics centre at the Elsdorf site to ensure the future viability and competitiveness of our companies.

    In autumn 2010, construction begins on our modern high-bay cold storage facility with computer-controlled storage and retrieval technology.






  • 2011

    October 2011 sees the official launch of the new high-bay cold storage facility, including our own combined heat and power plant.


    Presentation of the Energy Efficiency Award 2011 by the German Energy Agency (dena) to the Heideblume Molkerei dairy for excellent results in increasing energy efficiency in industry and commerce, in conjunction with premium partners DZ Bank AG, Imtech Germany GmbH & Co. KG and Siemens AG.


  • 2012

    The completion of the six-lane extension of the A1 motorway and the opening of the new Elsdorf motorway junction enable the Heideblume Molkerei dairy and Elsdorfer Feinkost fine food to deliver products to their national and international customers even faster and better than before.









  • 2013-2015

Expansion of the Elsdorf product range with strong brand concepts: ParadIce - liquid ready-2-use ice cream mixes made from fresh milk. Alexios - finest products in Greek style: Fantastikkakis tastikkis!! MyQ - The fitness dimension: High protein, low carb & low fat!









  • 2015-2016

Merger of the two traditional companies Heideblume Molkerei Elsdorf-Rotenburg AG and Elsdorfer Feinkost Aktiengesellschaft with the new name Elsdorfer Molkerei und Feinkost GmbH.