Company philosophy


Our Vision


A business can only be successful if it has a clear direction. Our vision is to become one of Europe’s top-performing suppliers of fresh, exclusive and innovative convenience foods for delicious, healthy nutrition.


Our entire strategy is aimed at developing new marketable and profitable products as well as system solutions for our customers by achieving the perfect combination of our core areas of expertise: dairy and fine food.







Targeted management of our natural, human and financial resources is the decisive factor for the sustained success of our business.


Quality commitment

Our quality policy is inspired by the motto: "We do it better." Customers demand quality – we provide it profitably!






We adapt our processes to meet the current and future requirements of our customers. Training, team spirit and personal responsibility guarantee success. We like to innovate.


We regard HACCP, environmental protection and occupational health and safety as an obligation. We encourage ongoing dialogue with our customers, partners and employees.





This kind of dialogue helps optimise customer and supplier loyalty, and ensures that employees identify with the company. We are committed to meeting agreed requirements, striving to make continued improvements, and ensuring that our management policy is understood and evaluated on an ongoing basis. These principles are binding.


They are our guiding principles here in Elsdorf! After all, they ensure the success of the company and the long-term future of our jobs in Elsdorf.