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The dairy range for wholesalers



We also produce savoury and sweet quark by using regional milk from Lower Saxony. These include plain quark, whipped cream, fruit quark in a variety of flavours, and many savoury and popular specialities such as our Elsdorfer herb quark or tzatziki.




Selected dairy products for business partners





Creamy quark 40 % / 5 kg bucket

Item No.         Item   Best before date on delivery
8103 Quark 40 % Sales unit: 5 kg bucket                                                      10 Tage


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Herb quark 40 % / 5 kg bucket

Item No.     Item   Best before date on delivery
151 Herb quark Sales unit: 5 kg bucket - fresh quark with exqusite herbage! 72 bucket per pallet 18 days


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Fruit quark peach-apricot 5kg bucket

Item No.      Item   Best before date on delivery
702 Fruit quark peach-apricot Sales Unit: 5 kg bucket 72 bucket per palett                         18 days

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