Creamy seduction

    Creamy quark enjoyment with Elsdorfer fruit pleasure in the varieties
    orange, cherry, strawberry and vanilla!



    Fruity quark dessert

    Discover our 5 delicious fruit quark varieties: strawberry,
    cherry, stracciatella, zabaione & banana



    Fruit yoghurt for the whole family

    In the varities strawberry, stracciatella, peach-passionfruit and vanilla.



    Our Classics

    The Elsdorfer savoury quarks should not be missing
    on any table! Mild and aromatic in taste.

Elsdorfer ENGLISCH




Elsdorfer - Classic dairy and finefood products from Elsdorf


With fresh milk and other high-quality and well-chosen ingredients, we produce a wide range of sweet and spicy dairy products as well as
fine food products that offer something for everyone. Unbeatable in taste, quality and price. Elsdorfer has it all!



Elsdorfer quark cream with yoghurt



A treat for all quark lovers: creamy stirred fruit quark refined with fresh yoghurt.
For a delicious breakfast or as a delicious dessert for the whole family!
Available in a resealable 450g cup with slip lid. 

Elsdorfer fruit pleasure



As a quark seduction for breakfast or as a delicious dessert! Let yourself be inspired by the fruity pleasure! Available in a reclosable 500g cup with slip lid.







Elsdorfer cream dessert with chocolate pieces


A delicious quark cream as a delicious dessert for the whole family.
Finely rounded off with chocolate pieces. Available in a 200g cup. 





Elsdorfer mild fruit yoghurt



Our wonderfully mild fruit yoghurt with 5% fat promises fruity and creamy enjoyment. Whether with muesli or pure - Elsdorfer fruit yoghurt simply belongs on the breakfast table! Available in a reclosable 1kg bucket. Easy to transport and easy to portion.    










Elsdorfer savoury quarks



Our classic Elsdorfer savoury quarks are creamy, aromatic in taste and refined with selected herbs. That is why they belong on every dinner table. Also perfect as a side dish for baked potatoes, grilled meat or fish, or as a dip for vegetable sticks. Available in a 200g cup.


  • Savoury quark with herbs

  • Savoury quarks with herbs (light)

Sour Cream

Elsdorfer fresh dressing



Our fresh dressings made from selected and carefully processed ingredients refine every salad perfectly. Available in a reclosable 250ml bottle for long-lasting freshness in the refrigerator. Or the 100ml portion cup for when you're on the go. Ideal for a large portion of salad!

Elsdorfer sauce Hollandaise



Our fine creamy sauce Hollandaise consists 15% real butter and is made entirely without preservatives. To asparagus, vegetables, potatoes or short roasted meat. Always a real treat. Available in a 200ml stand-up pouch with re-sealable screw cap for practical portioning.