Fresh salad dressing

    Spicy dressings for every taste!

Fresh dressing


Fresh dressings from Elsdorfer fine food production -

The perfect finishing touch for every tasty salad


Elsdorfer fresh dressing is perfect for any salad! Fresh dressing is available in convenient 100 ml portion cupsand 250 ml bottles in five classic varieties: American, French, Yoghurt, Garlic and Italian.


Produced with the utmost care using quality ingredients. The 100 ml portion cup is ideal for enjoying on the go.






  • Portion cups ideal for enjoying on the go

    • Are you planning a picnic, or do you need a dressing for your lunchtime salad? Ideally portioned for a large salad serving!
    • Varieties: Yoghurt, French, American, Garlic and Italian
    • 100 ml transparent cup in optimum serving size





  • Guaranteed freshness

  • Our select dressings are freshly made using the finest ingredients. The resealable portion lid ensures the dressing stays fresh in your fridge.

Varieties: Yoghurt, Reduced-fat Yoghurt, French, American, Garlic

Packaging sizes: transparent 250 ml bottle, resealable and easy to portion