Ice cream mix


PARADICE Cream - Ice Cream Mix


Our heavenly paradise range for all wholesalers, restaurants, machine manufacturers and ice cream parlours: Ready-2-enjoy!


How about the current sales hit in the USA: "Frozen Yogurt"?

Or are you more interested in creamy soft ice cream or classic ice cream made ​​from natural raw materials in a variety of flavours and fat levels? We offer you a wide selection of options as a ready-mix! You will also find milkshakes and slushes in our range.


As well as single components, we develop individual recipes and custom-made overall concepts for you at any time - from ice cream mix to machine!



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Product trend from the USA!

- delicioussummer refreshment
- glorious creamy dessert



Frozen Yogurt-Mix

Right on top!

Frozen Yogurt began its success story in the 1980´s in the USA and in Asia and is also gaining increasing popularity in Europe. Demand in Europe has been steadily increasing, as more and more consumers become fans of the fresh yoghurt taste, especially in combination with its nutritional benefits. Smart toppings such as fresh fruit, chocolate splits or delicious sauces make frozen yogurt a unique experience of pure, refreshing delight.


Did whet your appetite?

Our Frozen Yogurt is based on a creamy yogurt mix with a slightly tart, fresh taste. The mix is made from fresh, low-fat milk and yogurt from our own dairy.




Soft Ice-Mix

Delicious, creamy Soft-Ice Mix!

Our ready-to-use liquid Soft-Ice Mix, made with fresh milk and cream from our own dairy.


- High whipping volume when processed in ice-cream machines
- Optionally refined with fruit sauces

  or fresh fruit
- Vanilla and chocolate - additional flavours also available




Just one basic mass - but loads of individualising-opportunities!

Cool advantages! Our PARADICE Ice-Cream Mix comes with convincing benefits: We always deliver ready-to-use mix products of consistently high quality.





Shake it, enjoy it, love it!

The ice-cold all time favourite beverage! Refreshing, creamy, and airy. Our liquid shake mix Vanilla is the basis for other milkshake mix options which can be created using any conventional shake machine. But it is also delicious on its own! Milkshakes are a hip, trendy beverage to enjoy in your leisure time and on the go.



Water Ice- Mix / Slush

Simply add, mix, and ready!

Kids eyes will shine with joy! With our PARADICE water-ice mix you are bang on trend. Dazzling colours and refreshing water ice crystals make our Water-ice mix and slushes a must for your leisure time activities.

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