Industrial products


Industrial products


In addition to the production of finished goods, we also make our services and experience in the field of semi-finished products available for a variety of industrial applications.


Our wide range of new plant technologies enables us to provide an assortment of semi-finished products for the food processing industry, based on milk or raw materials which constitute an alternative to milk.



We have recourse to the following



· Multi-stage drying tower with integrated mixing plant

· Micro and ultrafiltration technology

· Mixing plants with direct heating and homogenisation facilities


Our extensive expertise in processes and development coupled with our plant engineering capabilities enable us to provide bespoke solutions for customers. Our industrial customer base includes leading providers from the chocolate, bakery, ice cream, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors, along with a variety of other business sectors.


We can adapt our processes to fit the individual remits and product and process requirements of each sector, from development through to delivery. Our range of services is as diverse and specific as the various potential applications in the food processing industry: from established standards to bespoke customer solutions developed in a collaborative process with each customer. We can employ a variety of drying technologies to produce concentrates and spray-dried powder products with specific formulas to match diverse requirements. Products include:


·· Skimmed milk and whole milk powder (low, medium, high heat)

·· Instant whole milk powder

·· Cream powder (also with high free-fat content): 42-60% fat

·· Milk powder with added vegetable fat and/or vitamins

·· Skimmed milk concentrates and cream

·· MF permeate concentrates


Flexible production processes also enable us to generate industrial products from other processes. Along with concentrates and powders, we can also generate products for further processing:


·· Yoghurt with various fat contents

·· Regular quark with various fat contents

·· Tangy quarks and cream cheese mixes

·· Cream with various fat contents

·· UF permeates

·· MF retentates and MF permeates


We always welcome input ideas from our customers and view their various requirements

as exciting challenges in our daily work.


Low-fat quark




Item No.    


                                                                                        Best before date on delivery


Low-fat quark Sales unit: 1000 kg container (stainless steel)                                                                                                                           min. 10 days







Item No.     


                                                                                        Best before date on delivery

38 % fat

Sales unit: 1000 kg Pallecon-container    min. 50 days


UHT-Cream 30% fat Sales unit: 1000 kg Pallecon-container min. 50 days

UHT-Cream 27% fat

Sales unit: 1000 kg Pallecon-container min. 50 days


UHT-Cream 10% fat

Sales unit: 1000 kg Pallecon-container min. 50 days



UHT-Cream 30%




Item No.     


                                                                                        Best before date on delivery


3,5 % fat

Sales unit: 1000 kg Pallecon-container                                                                                                                         min. 50 days