Mini mooh Quetschi

    Quetsch-Spaß in 3 delicious varieties..




    All banana?

    FruityMini mooh Quetschis,

    delicious Quetschspaß on the go.



Fun for kids with Mini mooh!

Get the Elsdorfer Mini mooh taste experience



For kids at breakfast, playtime, break-time, or on the go: Mini mooh is always a practical alternative to a sandwich or chocolate for school breaks. Fun for kids with Mini mooh – in a child-friendly design with the funny cow, for everyboby with a sweet tooth, young and old, available in all popular fruit flavours.


Mini mooh comes in a squeeze pouch with a convenient opening. Using it is child’s play, no need for a spoon and no spills. Alternatively, for our little spoon fans, it also comes as a 100 g cup in practical 4-cup set.




Mini mooh timetable

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4 x 100 g quark for kids

In delicious fruity flavours! Cherry, banana,

apricot and strawberry.



(-: It’s finally break time :-)

Mini mooh Quetschies are handy

snacks for school break-time.



Mini mooh snack for your school break!