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Life is – the plant based milk alternative


With our brand life is we offer plant based alternatives to our classic dairy range. As an innovative company, we think outside the box and also want to offer solutions for plant-based consumption. Of course we strictly separate the production of dairy and non-dairy products, so that we can offer vegan herbal alternatives with a clear conscience.





Life is is aimed to all those who want to eat tasty and vegan food, who value natural ingredients and remove animal products from their diet.
This way we support your very individual nutrition - no matter if you want to eat a completely vegan diet or just want to replace single
meals with herbal products. Have it your way – with life is.

life is soyummy - so delicious, so herbal, as individual as you

  • · Soy yoghurt in the three different flavors Natural, Vanilla and Blueberry
    · In a reclosable 500g cup

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