Elsdorfer logistics – precise and effective control of the process chain for consistently fresh produce


He who knows not where he is going should not be surprised if he arrives somewhere else”

(Mark Twain).


Logistics is a key competitive factor. The same conditions which ensure high process quality also apply to logistics and storage. The range of logistic services provided by our company includes professional procurement, production, distribution and disposal logistics.



The Challenge



Every day we deliver an average of 1,000 pallets to our customers. Managing our diverse client portfolio, which includes customers in the national and international food retail market, wholesale distributors and customers in the catering and gastronomy chain sectors, can also be challenging.


Our services in sorting and picking mixed assortments are one of our companies’ key distinguishing features. For example, we prepare customised assortment boxes which are assembled in the packaging area of our high-bay warehouse, labelled and sent to our customers a short time later.




 Central competitive factor



In a market environment characterised by growing customer requirements and significantly increasing intensity of competition, the Elsdorfer logistics department has to be successful in matters such as strict adherence to delivery dates and short lead times coupled with low inventories and optimised utilisation.

Professional logistics employing the latest technologies are a key competitive factor. Our companies´ work with efficient reliable transport service providers to meet stringent market-related requirements concerning quality, flexibility and speed of the supply chain. Last but not least, we have some 70 employees who take care of the day-to-day logistics processes, and guarantee a fast smooth supply chain.