Mini mooh also for spoons

    The fruity mini mooh there is also the cup,

    as a practical set of 4.

Mini mooh pot set


Creamy, with delicious fruit puree



Our popular Mini mooh also comes in a set of 4 x 100 g cups. Always two strawberry cups combined with two cups in another flavour. Cherry, banana, or apricot. The smooth, creamy smooth treat without fibres, pips or pieces. Easy to spoon and an instant hit with kids, whether at home or between meals.


Delicious Mini mooh with the funny spotted cow!




A varety of flavours: spoilt for choice...

  • There are always two flavours in a 4-cup set:- strawberry and bananastrawberry and apricot or strawberry and cherry in a child-friendly design and as a 400 g (4 x 100 g) cup set.




Click here to download the Mini mooh timetable!