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Elsdorfer – the natural choice!


For over 100 years now, we have been producing fresh dairy and fine food products with the greatest love and care in Elsdorf, Lower Saxony. We are located next to the A1 motorway on the outskirts of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, midway between Hamburg and Bremen.


We combine the special procedures and production of the dairy and fine food section perfectly, so that we can offer our costumers a bright and unique productrange.


As well as major discount retailers, our customer base also includes the national and international food industry, importers, wholesalers and caterers.




Elsdorfer Molkerei und Feinkost GmbH


Our dairy plant produces a range of products including classic quark products, cream cheeses, yoghurts, dips and side dishes (e.g. tzatziki), all of which come with a variety of filling and packaging options. The dairy also produces special ice cream mixes and milk products for delivery (e.g. cream, skimmed milk concentrate and whey). Requirements of national and international customers are met through a combination of flexibility and stringent quality standards.



Our fine food plant produces a variety of fresh products such as dressings, sauces, dips and creams for the food retail market and bulk consumers such as large canteens, hospitals and catering chains.



Where can you find our products?

In addition to producing many products for our trading partners under their own brand names, our range also includes a wide selection of delicious fresh products under our own Elsdorfer brands. As an end consumer you can find products manufactured by us in branches of REWE, EDEKA, Kaufland, famila, Globus and many other trading partners of ours.


You may even discover that we are actually the producer of one or other of your favourite own-brand products! If you take a closer look, the oval identification mark also indicates whether your product comes from Elsdorf.





Our labels are as follows:


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Elsdorfer products available locally


A particularly extensive range of Elsdorfer brand products can be found at the following stores in our local region between Hamburg and Bremen:




Frischemarkt Lieder  -  Lange Straße 55  -  27404 Elsdorf

E-Center Edwin Leide -  Zum Hochkamp 1  -  27404 Zeven

E-Center Rotenburg  -  Harburger Str. 68  -  27356 Rotenburg (Wümme)

E-Center Schieweck  -  Bierdener Kämpe 1  -  28832 Achim

E-Center Wucherpfennig -  An der Weide 15 – 30173 Hannover

E-Center Wucherpfennig -  Adolf-Emmelmann-Str. 5, 30659 Hannover

E-Center Wucherpfennig -  Heisenbergstrasse 14, 30627 Hannover

E-Center Wucherpfennig -  Göttinger Chaussee 83, 30459 Hannover

Edeka Fabisch  -  Verdener Str. 13  -  27356 Rotenburg (Wümme)

Edeka Burgdorf  -  Hamburger Straße 1 -  27419 Sittensen

Edeka Lieder  -  Vahlder Weg 1 -  27383 Scheeßel

Edeka Köster - Wiedaustr. 1 - 27386 Bothel

Edeka Bientzle  -  Lienworth 4  -  27367 Sottrum

Edeka Ehlers  -  Hauptstraße 4  -  29646 Bispingen

Edeka Ehlers  -  Bahnhofstraße 39-41 -  29640 Schneverdingen

E-Center Ehlers  -  Lüneburger Str. 97 -  29614 Soltau










Dodenhof Genießermarkt  - Posthausen 1  -  28869 Posthausen

Personalshop Etelser  -  Delmenhorster Str. 22  -  28816 Stuhr

famila Zeven  -  Auf der Worth 11  -  27404 Zeven

famila Rotenburg  -  Auf dem Rusch 1  -  27356 Rotenburg (Wümme)

REWE Markt Beu  -  Stader Str. 28  -  27419 Sittensen

REWE Markt Seidel  -  Hauptstraße 74  -  28876 Oyten

REWE Markt Schiersch  -  Große Straße 41  -  27356 Rotenburg (Wümme)

REWE Markt  -  Vitus Platz 5  -  27404 Zeven

REWE Center Soltau  -  Am Bahnhof 12-14  -  29614 Soltau

REWE Stanislawski & Laas - Dorotheenstraße 116-122 - 22301 Hamburg