Qualified experts - Our staff


Qualified expert staff are an essential component of our systematic quality strategy.


We take the ongoing development of skills and the vocational training of all our employees very seriously,


with approximately 100 internal and external training opportunities per year.



Training in Elsdorf


We encourage and support the promotion of our qualified in-house staff by offering an intensive selection of training opportunities.

To this end we offer about 15 to 20 trainees a comprehensive career opportunity in the following occupations each year:


  • · Dairy sector lab technician (m/f)
  • · Food technology specialist (m/f)
  • · Dairy process operator (m/f)
  • · Industrial mechanic (specialising in operating technology) (m/f)
  • · Machine and plant operator (m/f)
  • · Industrial sales representative (m/f)
  • · IT specialist (specialising in system integration)(m/f)

The training activities provided by our companies are also recognised by independent and public bodies. For example, we received an award recognising excellence in vocational training from the Stade Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2006. We are very proud of this distinction, as it provides definite confirmation of the benefits of our training schemes.