Our purchasing department - What we require from our suppliers


Our purchasing department aims to find the most efficient suppliers in the individual material groups implement our quality standards and fulfil the stringent requirements of our customers by means of long-term supply agreements with our selected partners.


Flexibility and responsiveness are two of the key supply criteria that must be fulfilled.



Auditing suppliers


It goes without saying that we require raw materials of uncompromising quality. We expect our suppliers to be familiar with our quality standards and implement them consistently. Certifications according to current food industry standards result in a higher level of in-house supplier classification. All suppliers are evaluated during the course of the year according to a fixed assessment scheme. The overall assessment of a supplier determines its status within our company and any action that have to be taken, with the aim of continuously improving our supplier portfolio.


Material groups


We use a very extensive range of material groups on a daily basis. These include recipe ingredients (fruit and seasoning mixes, sugar, spices, oils, starches, etc.), primary and secondary packaging (thermoforming films, sealing lids, pots, cardboard packaging), as well as machine parts and other supplies (cleaning agents, work clothes, etc.). We are always interested in establishing new contacts with potential suppliers in these areas. A potential business relationship begins with sample deliveries and a comparison of parameters for the quality and condition of items.