Quality management


Our purity promise



We feel a particular obligation to maintain the purity of our products and do not use any preservatives or artificial colours in production and processing.


This enables us to ensure that Elsdorfer products are always natural.




Our quality management


Quality is its own reward – that is why ensuring a high level of process and product quality is a top priority at Elsdorf. To ensure we achieve our objective on a long-term basis, we at Elsdorf work with an in-house laboratory for microbiological, physical and chemical analyses, as well as broad-based staff in the areas of quality management and quality assurance.



Annual awards


Our efforts have consistently brought us awards in quality competitions run by independent testing institutes. One example of this is that the Heideblume Molkerei dairy regularly features among the winners of numerous DLG awards by the Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft (German Agricultural Society) in their quality tests for dairy products.




Audits in the form of system checks in accordance with accepted standards are conducted in the area of quality management systems. This has enabled us to achieve the higher level of the International Food Standards (IFS) for many years now.

We are happy to send our wholesale customers copies of our certificates on request. Feel free to contact us at any time.



Monitoring milk suppliers


Our raw milk suppliers are part of the “QM-Milch” producer quality system and receive payment from us for factors such as strong audit results. In addition to this, supplier consultants help dairy farmers ensure that the milk delivered meets the specified quality standards.