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    40 years herb quark experience. The best quality and igredients.

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  • Perfect potato partner

    Superb for baked and cooked potato or wedges!

Savoury quark


Herb quark tradition –
for over 40 years!


Superbly creamy stirred classical herb quark, light herb quark and sour cream. Mild, aromatic flavour. Elsdorfer herb quark belongs on every lunch or dinner table.


Also perfect as a side dish with baked potatoes, grilled meat or fish. And simply delicious as a dip for vegetable sticks.


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Savoury quark

Our herb quark, light herb quark and sour cream varieties are classically packaged in handy 200g quark pots. Delightfully creamy as a spread, a dip or with baked potatoes.

Fruity and sweet – our  Fruit Pleasure in a 500g cup