Refined with fresh yoghurt!

    Delicious Quarkcream mix in a 450g cup




    4 delicate varieties!



    Cereals To Go!

    The new breakfast To Go!

    So clever – so yummie!




    With asparagus, simply delicious!

    Sauce Hollandaise topped with 26% real butter.

Savoury Quark



Pure Pleasure Savoury Quark


Everyone knows, that the Elsdorfer are real Quark specialists. And everyone also knows our Classic Savoury quarks. Now we have created 4 very special varieties to tickle your taste: 7 Herbs, Mango-Curry, Cheryytomato-Basil and Ginger-Chili.

Enjoy these awesome quarks as a bread-topping or as a dip for vegetables - that´s a pure pleasure!


That´s how a savoury quark has to taste!




















Special spiced Savoury Quark!

Our pure pleasure savoury Quarks are available in 4 varieties: 7 Herbs, Mango-Curry, Cheryytomato-Basil and Ginger-Chili in a 200 g cup with a recloseable lid.