Sigurdsson ENGLISCH





Traditional icelandic quark with high protein


Skyr is one oft he biggest food trends right now. The traditional Icelandic quark is convincing due to its high protein and low fat content.
Sigurdsson embodies this like no other and is constantly bringing new products with Skyr.  With Sigurdsson you can have a delicious and protein-rich diet
whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.




Our Sigurdsson* Products


SPICY – Skyr spread 200g in the three flavors herbs, 3-pepper and paprika

Sigurdsson Brotaufstrich
3-Pfeffer **

Sigurdsson Brotaufstrich

Sigurdsson Brotaufstrich


NATURAL – Skyr natural in a 450g cup or a 1kg bucket for heavy-users



FRUITY – Skyr in the three delicious flavors honey, vanilla and raspberry-cranberry in a 450g cup

*Made in Germany
**Pink, green and black pepper come from a different origin
***Peppers come from a different origin
****Herbs come from a different origin