Tangy quarks


Savoury quarks



Carefully developed recipes guarantee the unique flavour of our herb quarks, tzatzikis, sour creams and delicious baked potato creams. Savoury side dishes from Elsdorf are the perfect accompaniment to all meat and potato dishes.

We guarantee consistent performance in terms of quality, taste and service!


Available in bulk in 3 kg or 5 kg buckets.



Savoury quarks



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Herb quark

Sales unit: 5 kg bucket - fresh quark with exqusite herbage! 72 bucket per pallet 18 days
526 Tzatziki Sales unit: 3 kg bucket - the classic one - so delicious! 72 bucket per pallet 18 days
529 Baked-potato-creme Sales unit: 3 kg bucket - very tasty for potatoes, vegetables and more! Best ingredients from our dairy anf fine food, season to taste with salad mayonnaise. 72 bucket per pallet 14 days