Spicy Zaziki

    Creamy Zaziki in a 500g cup with spicy garlic and crisp cucumber.



For delicious meals: don’t forget the Zaziki!



Elsdorfer Zaziki– our popular classic is perfect with grilled or fried dishes. Fresh yoghurt with crisp cucumbers, aromatic garlic and finest olive oil.


A popular side dish to accompany grilled and meat dishes, bread or potatoes. Finest selected ingredients in 500g and 250g round pots with resealable snap-on lids.


Elsdorfer Zaziki isn´t just available for the barbecue season it´s there for you all year round.









Zaziki made with probiotic yoghurt

  • Crunchy cucumber, aromatic garlic and mild probiotic yoghurt are the basis of this wonderfully tangy Zaziki.
  • Comes in a 250g and 500g round cup with resealable snap-on lid.