Healthy dairy cows, tasty milk

The welfare of dairy cows and strict quality standards in agriculture are inextricably linked in order to make milk a flavourful and ethically responsible product. Working closely with our farmers, we prioritise the well-being of the animals.

Farmer standing in front of the dairy cows on the pasture

Highest animal welfare standards

Our commitment goes beyond the legal standard

In Elsdorf, we place the highest value on the welfare of our animals and set strict standards. Our animal welfare standards go beyond the legal requirements for keeping dairy cows and young animals. The quality of our milk production, animal husbandry and farm care is regularly inspected by QM-Milch. We also participate in the QM milk sustainability module. To ensure that our farmers are always up to date, we offer them free further training on the subject of animal welfare. In addition, we have our own veterinarian who supports the farmers on site in matters of animal welfare and animal health.

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Discover our sustainability website, where we put the topic centre stage. Find out more about our sustainability strategy and our endeavours to become ever more sustainable. 

We always provide information with current key figures and show how we actively contribute to assuming social, ecological and economic responsibility.

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