Piece by piece of nature

At the Bauer private dairy in Wasserburg, we produce particularly tasty semi-hard and soft cheeses. The selection of cheese varieties is immense and of course of first-class quality. Here, every piece is a piece of nature and has been since 1887! - when the first cheese was produced at the Bauer private dairy.

Sliced cheese arranged on a board

Good cheese needs to mature

Quality and good flavour are no coincidence

The unspoilt nature of the Alpine foothills provides green, lush grass as well as the best wheat and maize for our cows. The home-grown green fodder from our own fields ensures the above-average quality of the raw milk. In our own cheese dairy, this milk is processed with passion and dedication into delicious cheese varieties.

Cheese is valuable

Lots of protein and minerals

Cheese is particularly rich in protein. And since cheese is, strictly speaking, nothing more than concentrated milk, it also contains almost all the healthy and important ingredients of milk. 
Cheese is therefore a high-quality source of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and important trace elements. It also contains 13 vitamins. And not to forget: It also tastes delicious.

delicious slice of bread topped with cheese

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