We in Elsdorf have been making a valuable contribution to climate protection since 2021

In Elsdorf, climate protection has been part of our environmentally friendly sustainability strategy for many years. In recent years, we have increasingly invested in more efficient production facilities, optimised processes and made packaging lighter. These measures have enabled us to save considerable amounts of greenhouse gases despite increasing production.

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Climate contribution

CO2 compensation with certified projects

In the next step, we worked with our service provider "Climate Partner" to calculate the annual CO2 emissions at the Elsdorf site. This included not only gas, electricity and water consumption, but also business trips, employee journeys and the consumption of office supplies and printed materials. 
We offset these CO2 emissions by specifically supporting certified projects that save or bind as many greenhouse gases as we emit at the Elsdorf site. In addition, we have tracked all products along their entire value chain - from the manufacture of raw materials and packaging to production, transport and disposal. This makes us one of the first dairies to offer its customers and consumers products that make a valuable contribution to climate protection.

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More about sustainability?

Discover our sustainability website, where we put the topic centre stage. Find out more about our sustainability strategy and our endeavours to become ever more sustainable. 

We always provide information with current key figures and show how we actively contribute to assuming social, ecological and economic responsibility.

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