Passion since 1909

A look back at the beginnings to the present day. Passion, tradition, innovation and sustainability have always been terms that are inextricably linked with Elsdorfer.

Picture shows old historic dairy building



In 1907, Elsdorf farmer Paul Reichert set up a small private business to market dairy products. In May 1909, he sold the company to 45 farmers from the region. This marked the birth of the Elsdorf Dairy Co-operative - the beginning of our successful company history.


Milk processing

In Elsdorf, the quality of regional milk has always been of great importance. In 1909, the year the company was founded, around 260,000 litres of milk were delivered. By 1930, Elsdorfer was already processing more than 2.8 million litres of milk. Today, more than 200 million litres of milk are processed in our production facilities every year.

Picture shows how the milk is transported in milk cans by horse-drawn carriage
Picture shows historic dairy building

1939 - 1948

Marked by war

In August 1939, a modern building with advanced facilities was erected on a plot of 5,100 square metres, which is still part of our company premises today. However, the buildings suffered considerable destruction in April 1945 during the Second World War. 

Reconstruction began in 1948 thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Elsdorf farmers. With this remarkable commitment, they opened a new and successful chapter in the history of our company.


Elsdorfer's number of employees is growing continuously

The development of our company from a small dairy after the end of the war to a significant medium-sized company is clearly illustrated by the number of employees: in 1946 there were only 9 employees who made the new start possible, in 1970 there were already 30 people and today over 400 people are employed at Elsdorfer.

Picture shows a historical photo of the employees
Historical photo of the trout farm


Sustainable through trout farming

Creativity, innovation and sustainability have always been core values at Elsdorfer - and that has always been our aspiration. For this reason, we started trout farming in 1978. This initiative was not only innovative, but also sustainable, as we were able to utilise the waste heat from the dairy effectively. 

Fish farming was only discontinued two decades later for space reasons. New filling machines for dairy production were installed in place of the large water basins.


Potato processing - our way into the world of delicatessen

In 1986, another creative idea became reality: the founding of Kartoffelverwertungsgesellschaft mbH. With this step, we pursued the goal of utilising other agricultural raw materials from our region in addition to milk. This laid the foundation for our wide range of delicatessen products, consisting of salads, fresh dressings, dips and sauces. 


Picture of potato pancakes
Picture of Bauer company premises


Elsdorfer is part of the Bauer Group

Following the reorganisation of the former Elsdorfer Molkereigenossenschaft dairy cooperative into a public limited company, the Bauer family acquired a significant stake in the newly founded Heideblume Molkerei Elsdorf-Rotenburg AG in 2007. Today, we are a wholly owned subsidiary within the expanding Bauer Group. 


100 years of Elsdorfer

Big company anniversary: 100 years of passion, innovation and sustainability



"My Q" - pioneer in the high protein segment

With the "My Q" brand, Elsdorfer is one of the pioneers in the high protein segment in 2015. The innovative MeinQ dairy range conquers the chiller cabinets and, with growing success, the range later includes quark, yoghurt and pudding products.

Picture shows the "MeinQ" packaging from Elsdorfer
Product family from the "Soyummy" brand

"Life is soyummy" - The plant-based yoghurt alternative based on soya

Inspired by the megatrend of plant-based substitute products, Elsdorfer introduced plant-based yoghurt alternatives based on soya under the "Life is soyummy" brand for the first time in 2018.

since 2022

A passion for private label

Our promise for the future: to constantly surprise with new, innovative products of the highest quality! Because we specialise in individual and customer-specific private label concepts, we can now pick up on and implement market trends and customer requirements even faster.

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Product & packaging variety

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