Strong together: Dairy and farmers work hand in hand for high-quality dairy products

In Elsdorf, we attach particular importance to close and cooperative partnerships with our farmers, who supply us with our most important raw material source every day - milk. Our in-house veterinarian supports the farmers on site and we offer regular training opportunities on animal welfare and animal health. Our farmers promote local biodiversity and mainly use their own feed and fertiliser. We are very aware of our responsibility towards our farmers and we actively fulfil this responsibility. 


Local and sustainable: Our milk from regional farms

Our close ties to the region are also reflected in our approach to our most important raw material, milk. All the milk we process comes from northern Germany and is sourced from farmers within a maximum radius of 90 kilometres from our site in Elsdorf. We obtain this milk directly from the farms of our milk producers with the help of our own transport company. In this way, we not only support local farmers, but also reduce transport routes and actively contribute to protecting the environment.

Animal welfare

The welfare of animals is important to us

We focus on the welfare and health of our dairy cows. Our own strict animal welfare standards go beyond the legal requirements:

  • The cows move freely every day or graze from spring to autumn
  • Sufficient space, food and water
  • Regular veterinary care
  • Annual inspection of the milking systems
  • Regular hoof care
Close-up of a cow in the pasture

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