Plant-based is the way to go

Eating habits are changing. The proportion of people who want to eat a partially or exclusively plant-based diet is constantly increasing. Climate neutrality, sustainability and animal welfare are decisive factors for consumers when shopping today. We fulfil these customer requirements with our purely plant-based products. We are now one of the leading suppliers of plant-based milk alternatives throughout Europe. 

2 small dessert glasses with plant-based soya yoghurt

Our milk alternatives

Plant-based pleasure

Many people associate a plant-based diet with a healthier and more ecological lifestyle. That's why we offer a wide range of plant-based milk alternative products. Discover our delicious yoghurt and quark alternatives made from soya, oats, almonds or coconut. Give them a try!

Megatrend plant-based products

Demand is increasing

There are more and more vegetarians and vegans: 9.5% of people in Germany are vegetarians. In 2018 it was still 6.3%. 1.9% of people in Germany are vegan. In 2018, it was still less than 1%.* The acceptance of plant-based milk alternatives is now very high: in terms of people who buy plant-based milk alternatives, 18 million buying households were identified in Germany in 2023. This corresponds to 44% of households.**

Sources: * Statista / IfD Allensbach. from Lebensmittelpraxis 06/2023 / IRI Circana ** White line DE GfK Consumerpanel CP + 2.0 FMCG 
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